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Relaxation Room Amenities

Relax Regroup Recharge Re-energize Mind Body Spirit

Light / Color Therapy

Use the tablet to customize overhead lights in your favorite hues, or in chakra colors to re-balance. Or we have a faerie light curtain in all color dancing lights, a multi-color disco ball lamp for more of a party vibe, and a lava lamp for focused meditation.

Sound Therapy

Select your favorite brainwave meditation music and experience the magic of binaural tones or just jam your favorite tunes on our Bluetooth speakers in stereo.


Choose just the right therapeutic grade essential oil to complement and accentuate your relaxation room experience. Six to choose from: lemongrass, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, or sweet orange... Or bring your own!

Pick Your Favorite Furniture

Enjoy lounging on your choice of super-comfy giant memory foam bean bags (one opens up to a king size mattress!), the Moon Pod, a gliding rocker with gliding ottoman, or the hammock... Yes, we have a hammock! An' it swings reeeeal niiiiiice :)

Also Included

Enjoy a refreshing glass of fruit-infused or plain Fiji water.

Enhance your relaxation with a weighted blanket, fleece throws, cuddle pillows, cooling gel or silky cloth eye mask, and a sample of American Shaman CBD lotion or water soluble drops.

Employ a little self-care with our grounding and acupressure mats.

Explore the benefits of using a Kailo pain patch, WonderBack Pro lumbar stretcher, Tension Releazzzer neck tension release device, and Freeze2Trim fat freeze system with our try-before-you-buy program.


Take relaxation to the next level with more than just a sample of American Shaman CBD products, deeply discounted when purchased with a Relaxation Room session. Choose from edibles, oil tincture, water soluble drops, topicals, or vape products.

Important Info

Available in blocks of 30 minutes up to 2 hours, not including tablet programming and setup time.

Keep the space all to yourself or share with friend(s) for a group discount.

Please do not get on or into any furniture you can't get off or out of on your own, staff is not trained to assist.

Using any furniture or other accoutrements including devices in the try-before-you-buy program is done so at your own risk, and only after you have signed a release and thoroughly read any accompanying literature, noting especially any advisement to consult your doctor before using them.

Please respect the space and others by keeping all bodily fluids to yourself.

Reservations are accepted with advance notice and without monetary commitment or penalty for cancellation, but walk-ins are also welcome so please arrive a few minutes before your reserved time to avoid the possibility of having to reschedule.

This is a DIY, WYSIWYG operation, but we will try to accommodate special requests and are always open to suggestions for improvement.

This is also a pay on demand service, with no monthly membership fee or dues or any other automatic recurring charges.