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"To cure disease is to stop causing it." - Dr. William Howard Hay

With every meal, snack, and drink, we are either fighting disease or feeding it. Which would you prefer?

When studying the written works of William Howard Hay M.D., the creator of Regenerative Eating, it becomes clear that internal body pollution resulting from incorrect use of food is the common background to ALL human diseases, disorders, chronic conditions and maladies… And that correcting destructive eating habits is usually all that's necessary to at least relieve if not fully reverse these myriad health problems, as well as to prevent them.

One of the biggest mistakes we make day in and day out is eating carbs and animal proteins together in meals. Carbs (starches and sweets) require alkaline conditions for digestion, while animal proteins (egg, meat, fish, cheese) cause excess hydrochloric acid secretion in the stomach. When eating them together neither class of food gets digested properly, causing the carbs to ferment and the proteins to putrefy. This causes the body to assimilate rotten, damaged nutrients and leads to the creation and build-up of acid waste in the bloodstream and tissues—otherwise known as "auto-intoxication." Eating too much starch, sugar, protein, and processed, refined, or denatured foods in general also contributes heavily to this constant, daily self-poisoning.

Another common food mistake is not eating enough fruits and vegetables. One very important part of Dr. Hay's research was determining that, aside from being Mother Nature's preferred source of nutrition for the human body, fruits and veggies are alkaline foods which help the body cleanse the acid waste left behind by all other foods. Eating a preponderance of produce is crucial to helping the body reach and maintain peak functional capacity. 

The internal contamination resulting from continuous auto-intoxication combined with insufficient cleansing action is the chief cause of all human ailments and maladies—from headaches to cancer—including obesity, fatigue, signs of aging and age-related debilitation, digestive troubles from entrance to exit, circulatory problems, respiratory issues, organ malfunction or failure, lost/reduced general function, even mental and emotional disturbances... Everything.

It seems too good to be true—that just eating differently could possibly reverse disease—but Dr. Hay proved it conclusively by helping thousands of patients heal themselves of nearly every conceivable physical, mental, and emotional problem using only detox and dietary correction during 30 years of clinical practice... Not to mention countless others who have used his books to teach themselves how to get healthier just by playing with their food. 

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